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2 Million Users and Unveiled: Bluesky’s Public Web Interface and Federation Architecture


Nov 17, 2023

Jack Dorsey-led decentralized social network Bluesky has recently announced that it has surpassed two million users. To continue growing as a social network, the platform has shared some exciting new features that will soon be available.

One of these features is the launch of a public web interface, allowing users to view Bluesky posts without logging into an account. This feature will be accessible to users this month, making it easier for anyone to explore the platform and its content.

In addition to the public web interface, Bluesky has also announced the launch of its federation architecture feature. This feature will enable users to seamlessly migrate their accounts to another platform without having to start from scratch. The federation architecture allows for greater freedom of choice for users and ensures that their relationships are not subject to the whims of private companies. This feature is set to roll out early next year.

Bluesky has also introduced other new features such as smartphone notifications and a ‘Like’ tab in user profiles. The platform has also made accessibility improvements like alternative text and component labels.

Furthermore, Bluesky emphasizes the importance of maintaining online relationships and ensuring that users have control over their data. The federation architecture is seen as a way to achieve this goal, while also providing greater security for accounts through email verification and enhanced startup and charging times. Users can now organize responses in the main feed based on chronological order, likes or randomly hide responses or quote posts in the main feed for better visibility of content.

Overall, Bluesky continues to prioritize user experience and freedom of choice in its mission to provide a decentralized social network for all users worldwide.

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