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Babić Confesses to Pursuing Pijetraj for Six Months, Feels Public and Private Shame


Nov 17, 2023

In this photo, Alen Babić is seen exiting the ring, feeling triumphant. However, his former mentor, Leonard Pijetraj, is absent from the image. Babić recently expressed his desire to return home and reunite with Pijetraj, but it seems that his efforts have been in vain. According to Babić, he has made numerous attempts to reach out to Pijetraj, but to no avail. He revealed that he pursued Pijetraj for six months in hopes of regaining his mentor’s support and guidance. However, all indications suggest that the relationship between them has deteriorated beyond repair. Babić declared that he no longer respects Pijetraj and will proceed on his own path from now on. He stated that he can’t wait to come back alone.

Furthermore, Babić mentioned that he sent Pijetraj a message asking if he thought Babić was finished. Unfortunately, Pijetraj did not respond, leading Babić to believe that his former mentor thinks he is done. Despite this setback, Babić is ready to move forward independently after not fighting since the spring when he lost in the first round of the WBC bridger category title fight against Lukasz Rozanski.

Babić ended his relationship with Pijetraj at the beginning of the year due to differences in their training methods and career goals. Although they had a successful partnership together for many years, their paths diverged as they both pursued different paths in their respective careers.

In conclusion, Alen Babić’s recent comments about returning home and reuniting with Leonard Pijetraj suggest a strained relationship between them despite their successful past collaboration. It remains unclear what caused the rift between these two boxing legends and whether they will ever reconcile or continue working together again in the future.

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