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Brazilian and Croatian Fans Experience ‘Fire’ and ‘Euro’ Excitement for the First Time in Maksimir Stadium


Nov 21, 2023

On a cool night at Maksimir, Croatia’s national football team took on Armenia in their final match of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The stadium was buzzing with energy as more than 20,000 fans gathered to cheer them on.

Among the throngs of passionate fans was Rafael Beserra, a Brazilian who had traveled from afar just to witness this historic moment. For Beserra, it was more than just a game – it was a dream come true.

Beserra had first caught the attention of Croatian fans during the League of Nations in Rotterdam earlier this year, where he fulfilled his lifelong dream by meeting his idol Luka Modrić (38). Not long after that memorable encounter, Beserra received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board and decided to visit Croatia as their guest of honor. And now, he had finally arrived to see his beloved national team play in person for the first time.

“Zagreb is a wonderful city,” Beserra said with excitement as he watched the match unfold before him. “I’m watching the national team in Croatia for the first time and I couldn’t be happier.” Despite never having been to Maksimir before, Beserra felt right at home amongst the passionate supporters who were eagerly cheering their team on.

But it wasn’t just about being able to watch his favorite players up close for Beserra – he also made sure to show off his skills in speaking Croatian during an interview with local media outlets. In fact, he even gave us all a little insight into what he thought about tonight’s match and who would be scoring for Croatia.

“I think it will be 3-0,” he confidently predicted. “Modrić will score one goal, Ivanušec another, and Majer will get the third.” And just how dedicated is this Brazilian fan to our national team? Well, we can confirm that he has already bought tickets for next year’s Euro tournament in Germany!

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