• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Broncos’ Mile High Stadium Gets New Grass Field for Enhanced Football Experience


Nov 18, 2023

The Broncos are among the owners who prioritize the maintenance of their investment. According to Mike Klis of 9News.com, the Walton-Penner group recently spent nearly $250,000 to replace the grass at Mile High Stadium with a new surface. This decision was made after six games and an Army-Air Force game were played on the previous surface, demonstrating the team’s commitment to providing its players with a top-quality playing field.

The timing of this new field installation was strategically planned for the bye week following several games. This move is consistent with the team’s past actions, as last year they replaced the field at a cost of $400,000 for a single game. The new field was completed on November 6th and is set to make its debut when the Broncos host the Vikings on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

This decision highlights the approach of the Broncos’ ownership group, which has consistently demonstrated a willingness to invest in team infrastructure and facilities. By prioritizing player safety and performance through high-quality playing surfaces, this reflects their understanding of how crucial it is to maintain an environment that supports success.

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