• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Business Owners React to Power Outage Following Green and Blue Blast on WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio


Nov 19, 2023

On Saturday evening, a UPS truck crash caused a power outage for over 100 residents in one part of the Miami Valley. The accident occurred near the 900 block of E Central Avenue and West Carrollton crews were called to address the situation. As they worked to restore power and evaluate the crash scene, they had to shut down part of the roadway. Three utility and power poles were taken out during the crash and AES will be replacing them.

News Center 7’s Malik Patterson spoke with business owners in the area to get their perspective. The owner of El Meson, Stefen Castro-Lamley, described how everyone in his restaurant heard a loud boom around 6:15 PM which was followed by a big green and blue explosion caused by a blown transformer. The crash occurred just as the restaurant was starting to get busy for the evening. Castro-Lamley had to reassure customers and address the situation while finishing their meals using lamps and lights inside the restaurant.

Several people reported that they had never seen the entire block of E Central Avenue so dark before. Castro-Lamley stated that while the restaurant had lost power before, this was the first time that an accident had occurred right in front of them. He also mentioned that they plan to make changes to ensure that they are better prepared for future incidents by storing extra generators off of the food trucks.

West Carrollton Police confirmed that no one was hurt in the crash, and they will release more information on what happened in the coming days.

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