• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Ensuring Grid Resilience and Economic Electrification in the US: Insights from Experts


Nov 21, 2023

In the face of continued threats of outages from storms and prolonged cold snaps, the U.S. energy regulators are cautioning that the impact on the electric grid and the economy will be significant. Despite this, the Biden administration has announced $3.5 billion in grants for clean energy projects aimed at combating climate change and promoting renewable energy. However, there are concerns about mounting costs, development challenges, and regulatory obstacles that could hinder progress.

The opening episode of Accelerating Energy features host Ken Irvin, a partner at Sidley, who speaks with Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director of WIRES, a nonprofit trade association promoting investment in the North American electric transmission system. The discussion highlights the challenges and opportunities facing energy transmission as the U.S. seeks to electrify the economy and enhance grid resilience.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of addressing regulatory roadblocks to ensure the success of clean energy projects and maintain grid resilience. As America focuses on transitioning to renewable energy sources, this discussion sheds light on obstacles that must be overcome to achieve these goals.

Throughout the episode, valuable perspectives are provided on the current state of the electric grid and efforts to advance clean energy initiatives. It serves as an introduction to issues surrounding energy transmission and potential solutions that can support a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Overall, Accelerating Energy provides insight into critical topics related to clean energy transition in America while highlighting challenges faced by both government officials and private sector stakeholders alike.

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