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Euro Cup: The Top Challengers and How the Armenia Match Affected the Standings


Nov 20, 2023

Croatia is currently three points away from finishing 13th out of a possible 15 major competitions since gaining independence. If Wales draws with Turkey, they will secure the necessary point to qualify for the Euros. However, if Turkey wins, they will also qualify and face Armenia in their final match. The outcome of this match may determine the path of Zlatko Dalić’s team to a successful tournament.

There are still three unknowns before the draw for additional qualifications on Thursday regarding direct travelers to Germany. These national teams can have an impact on Croatia’s chances of making it through to the Euros. According to Uefa rankings, the superpowers include Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, and Belgium along with England as holders. If the qualifications were to end today, Croatia would be in the third-strongest group alongside Scotland and Slovakia and possibly Netherlands and Serbia.

However, if Croatia wins against Armenia in their final match, they will stay in the third round and have a better chance of making it through to the Euros than if they were placed in the second group with Hungary and Austria or Denmark and Albania. In this case, Italy would also be part of this group.

If Croatia loses or draws against Armenia, they risk ending up in the fourth round and having a more difficult draw than if they had won against them. This could make it more challenging for them to qualify for the Euros. On the other hand, if Serbia loses at least two out of three matches against Slovenia, Moldova or Kazakhstan then Croatia’s chances of qualifying for Europe increase indirectly as their neighbors’ draw becomes more challenging due to Serbia’s poor performance.

Twelve national teams will compete for remaining spots at UEFA’s next meeting in March through three mini-tournaments. Poland from League A is safe along with Israel and BiH from League B while Georgia and Greece are safe from League C. If qualifications ended at this moment then play-off pairs would be Poland – Estonia (from League D) vs Wales – Finland/Iceland/Ukraine (from League B). The winners will play off for a place at EURO 2020.

In conclusion, Croatia’s fate in terms of qualifying for UEFA EURO 2020 depends heavily on how well they perform against Armenia in their final match on November 19th at home stadium Dinamo Zagreb stadium .

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