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Experience the Thrill of Driving Like Mario Banožić


Nov 18, 2023

The traffic accident involving Marijo Banožić has sparked a discussion about the importance of empathy and understanding in society. The police, doctors, and state authorities are working tirelessly to protect Banožić from the social repercussions of the accident, but their efforts may involve irregular or corrupt activities. This situation has become a focus of the HRT show “Otvoreno,” where guests discuss downplaying the scandal.

When we drive, it can be challenging to balance our own time with that of the car, leading to a disconnect between common law and traffic rules. However, it is important to recognize that driving itself is a brave and risky human activity that should be taken into consideration when discussing accidents. In Banožić’s case, he may have lost concentration while overtaking a truck at an unreasonable speed, causing the accident. While many people may have done something similar at some point in their driving history, it is important to sympathize with Banožić’s situation.

The lack of empathy and imagination is a pervasive issue in our society today. People often struggle to understand perspectives beyond their own, leading to a lack of compassion for those facing difficult situations. Humanitarian acts and charitable contributions are often celebrated when they involve vulnerable populations like animals and children with illnesses, but when these expectations are not met, people struggle to maintain their empathy and support for others.

It is essential to recognize that migrants and people like Banožić may face difficult circumstances despite not fitting into particular molds. By working towards greater understanding of others’ experiences, even when they differ from our own, we can address these issues head-on.

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