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Expert Advice for Managing Anxiety and Stress: Techniques to Find Inner Peace


Nov 20, 2023

The image on the Harvard Health portal features two distinct heads on a black background, each representing a different way of thinking in various life situations. One head has white lines drawn in loops, conveying chaos and disarray, while the other has a line moving in concentric circles, symbolizing calmness and tranquility.

For individuals who frequently experience intrusive thoughts that consume them with worry about what they need to accomplish next, what they have failed to do, or what they have yet to do, this type of thinking pattern may be indicative of anxiety. When overwhelmed by these thoughts, it can be challenging to maintain focus and feel trapped.

To combat busy thoughts and prevent them from controlling one’s life, it is crucial to recognize that such thoughts are simply mental noise that occasionally arises. Practicing mindfulness can help alter one’s thinking patterns. Additionally, engaging in distractions like physical activity or scheduling specific times for worrying can also be effective strategies for managing busy thoughts.

If busy thoughts are significantly impacting an individual’s daily life or disrupting their sleep patterns, it may be necessary to seek medical attention from a family physician or mental health professional as these symptoms could potentially stem from underlying anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, trauma, or other mental health issues.

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