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Expert Tips for Cleaning and Drying Your Down Jacket Without Ruining It


Nov 20, 2023

Washing down jackets requires special care to avoid damaging the jacket. To begin, always use a liquid detergent for delicate laundry or a specialized detergent made for this type of clothing. It’s important to avoid crowding the washing machine, so only wash one jacket at a time. Before starting the washing cycle, insert silicone or tennis balls into the machine to prevent clumping of the feathers. Always select the delicate laundry program on your washing machine and ensure the water temperature does not exceed 30 or 40 degrees. It’s recommended to wash down jackets once or a maximum of twice a year, and never use the centrifuge during the washing process.

Drying a down jacket can be a lengthy process, especially if the weather is damp, cold, and windless. If you choose to air dry your jacket, try to do so on a windy day, as the wind will help it dry more quickly and evenly. It’s important to shake the jacket to distribute the feathers properly before hanging it to dry. If you notice clumps of feathers, this is a sign that the inside of the jacket is still wet, so be patient and allow it to dry thoroughly. Alternatively, you can dry the jacket in a dryer at the lowest temperature, being sure to also include silicone or tennis balls to aid in

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