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Exploring the Truth Behind Bella Hadid’s Post of Gaza Boy: A Closer Look


Nov 18, 2023

The viral video of a Gazan father teaching his daughter to laugh during an alarm is not from Gaza, but from Idlib in Syria. This has been confirmed by information published in the British Guardian at least three years ago. Israeli advocacy tweeters have also shared misinformation about the conflict between Israel and Gaza, including a doctored image of a girl allegedly being rescued multiple times from Gaza rubble, when in fact the original picture originates from Syria.

Another misattributed image depicts families living in tents and a baby in a cardboard box, which was purported to be from Gazan refugees, but the image has been circulating since 2016 and originates from Syria. A horrifying picture of dead children attributed to Israeli bombings in Gaza was actually from the 2013 war in Syria where chemical weapons were used.

Bella Hadid shared a photo from Syria, not Israel, and a video of a child being rescued from shelling rubble was not from Gaza, but from Aleppo in 2016. Deceptive posts falsely claimed that a hospital was bombed with white phosphorus in Gaza, when in reality, the source of the video was the 2016 shelling in Syria.

A photo shared as evidence of Israel bombing a children’s hospital in Gaza was actually taken in Syria during the war there. Another video of a boy mourning the death of his father was misrepresented as being from Malabu when it was actually shot on location for an advertisement for an NGO working on refugee issues. A claim that Israel bombed Shifa Hospital with phosphorus turned out to be false as well – it turned out that Shifa Hospital is located outside Gaza and that the attack happened on Syrian soil during their ongoing civil war.

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