• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

F1 Race in Las Vegas Delivers Thrilling Action and Unforgettable Moments


Nov 19, 2023

The Las Vegas Grand Prix took place on Sunday morning and will be remembered for many things. Max Verstappen, the reigning champion of Formula 1, overtook his teammate Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc in spectacular fashion to win his 18th victory of the year.

The weekend started with Carlos Sainz crashing into a sewer opening and ending practice after just eight minutes. Fans were then chased off the track ahead of the second practice which started at 2:30am. However, the spectacle in Vegas will still be remembered properly – for the racing!

Verstappen received a five-second penalty at the start of the race for pushing Charles Leclerc off the track, to which he humorously responded, “Alright! Give the referees my greetings,” when Red Bull revealed his punishment. Verstappen wore a special white overall designed exclusively for the race in Vegas, paying tribute to Elvis Presley. The drivers also traveled to the victory ceremony in a luxury car, which is not customary in Formula 1.

Monegasque Charles Leclerc finished second, despite leading most of the race. After an unfortunate encounter between Verstappen and Russell resulted in a safety car, Leclerc had fresh tires while his rivals got a ‘free’ pit stop. It seemed that Leclerc lost the second place, but in the last lap of the race, he overtook Perez with a brave move on the inside and finished second.

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