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Foreign Affairs Chief Borrell Announces Support for Palestinian State and Reveals Gaza Future Plan


Nov 21, 2023

During a videoconference with the Twenty-Seven, Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, presented his defense on Monday. He stated that he believes the best security option for Israel is the creation of the State of Palestine and expressed his plan to present a document outlining options for the future of Gaza. Borrell explained that he had come to this conclusion after multiple contacts in the region and emphasized that diplomacy was crucial in achieving humanitarian pauses and avoiding an uncontrollable escalation of the crisis.

In order to advance towards this political conclusion, Borrell commissioned the EU External Action Service to create a document on options for the future of Gaza. He hopes that this document will be discussed at a meeting with ministers in December and serve as a basis for relaunching the two-state solution.

Borrell also highlighted his recent visit to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia during which he emphasized the need for diplomatic efforts to address humanitarian issues related to Gaza. He urged ministers to implement humanitarian pauses approved by the United Nations Security Council and warned them of the risk of an uncontrollable escalation of conflict if they failed to do so.

Furthermore, Borrell pointed out that diplomacy was necessary when dealing with cases such as a Yemeni ship hijacked by rebels in response to war in Gaza. He called for rapid implementation of UN resolutions related to these incidents and emphasized that diplomatic efforts were key in addressing crises like these.

Overall, Borrell stressed that diplomacy was essential in addressing crises such as those occurring in Gaza and advocated for political solutions including creating a State of Palestine. He urged ministers to work towards achieving these goals through diplomacy and cooperation.

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