• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Former University of Alberta Official Dismissed for Handling Rape Allegations Involving Israeli Women


Nov 20, 2023

A campaign led by JewishEdmonton, a group within the Jewish community of Edmonton, Canada, successfully resulted in the dismissal of Samantha Pearson, director of the University of Alberta’s Sexual Assault Center. The campaign involved exposing Pearson’s support for Palestinian terror and her involvement in organizing a pro-Palestinian action on campus and signing an open letter condemning Israel for its military operation in Gaza.

The public outrage that followed the publication of screenshots of the open letter led to Pearson’s immediate dismissal. University of Alberta President Bill Flanagan clarified that the new leadership at the Sexual Assault Center would ensure that the university’s commitments were met and made it clear that Pearson’s personal views did not reflect those of the university.

In addition to this, University officials stated that an event scheduled by Students for Justice in Palestine was not sanctioned or endorsed by the university. They also noted that the group was not recognized or funded by the university. The vigil associated with this group would be held on November 21st outside the University Arts Centre, with campus security and Edmonton Police ensuring safety.

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