• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Gaza War Leaves Devastating Impact on Palestinian Economy and Conflict Between Israel and Palestine


Nov 18, 2023

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has the potential to set back the development of the Palestinian territories by more than a decade, according to a warning from the UN. Decades of Israeli restrictions and occupation have led to underdevelopment in the region, with the Palestinian GDP standing at just over $20bn compared to Israel’s nearly $500bn economy.

The video duration is 25 minutes and 50 seconds, focusing on the impact of the war on Gaza on the development of the Palestinian territories. The content was published on 18th November 2023, inviting viewers to share the information on social media.

The UN’s assessment is that the war could potentially set back development by as much as 16 years, highlighting the high cost of the conflict. Additionally, the video explores the impact of spillover from Gaza on Lebanon’s economy.

The Palestinian territories heavily rely on Israel for labor, goods markets, and essential services such as water and electricity. This dependence has led to a cycle of underdevelopment in the region, with limited opportunities for growth and progress. The war in Gaza only exacerbated this issue, causing widespread destruction and displacement that has had a devastating impact on both human lives and economic development.

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