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Generative AI as a Key to Career Advancement: Insights from Spanish Professionals


Nov 21, 2023

Salesforce has recently released a report that sheds light on the attitudes of Spanish workers towards generative artificial intelligence (AI). The study shows that over 39% of Spaniards believe that mastering this technology will help them advance their careers at work. However, the lack of clear policies around the use of AI may be putting companies at risk.

The report reveals that a majority of Spanish workers (61%) have used generative AI tools without formal approval from their company, with up to 33% using them despite being explicitly prohibited. This suggests that many employees are turning to new technology without any training, guidance or approval from their company.

The study, which surveyed more than 14,000 workers from fourteen countries, including Spain, found that company policies and training around generative AI are not well-defined or clearly communicated. Despite this, workers recognize the potential benefits of this technology in advancing their careers, with 74% of those who use it stating that it makes them more productive.

However, the lack of training and clear policies has led users to engage in ethically questionable activities when using generative AI at work. For instance, some employees have been passing off AI-generated work as their own or inflating their skills. Moreover, the report indicates that 86% of Spanish workers believe there are barriers to using generative AI at work.

The report emphasizes the need for companies to invest in safe and reliable generative AI tools and provide adequate training to employees on how to use these tools safely and ethically. The study concludes that while it is not a question of whether companies should adopt generative AI but rather how they do it effectively, safely and ethically.

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