• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Global Weather Alert: November 10-16, 2023


Nov 18, 2023

The Greater Horn of Africa is currently experiencing heavy rainfall, while Southern Africa is seeing light to moderate rainfall. The Sudd wetlands in South Sudan are still experiencing flooding, but it has lessened in the Sobet and Akobor catchments. In the northeastern and eastern DRC, there are moderate to large rainfall deficits.

In Nigeria, the Niger and Benue Rivers are experiencing floods due to torrential, above-average rainfall. However, flooding has improved in southern Chad due to decreased rainfall in the region. In Congo, flooding is likely to be ongoing due to recent heavy rainfall that is forecasted to persist.

While flood conditions remain unchanged in the Niger River Delta in Mali, they have improved in northern and southern Ghana as well as southern Benin. River levels in the Juba and Shabelle Rivers have exceeded the high-risk level, and torrential rainfall is causing widespread, serious flooding in western and southern Ethiopia, southern Somalia, and Kenya.

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