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Going Beyond the Headlines: A Look into CNBC’s Podcast Production


Nov 17, 2023

Formula 1, known for its high-speed races, cutting-edge technology, and star drivers, is the world’s most elite motorsports league. In recent years, it has experienced explosive growth in attendance, viewership, and market value. CNBC Documentaries takes an in-depth look at the business behind Formula 1 to explore what is driving its popularity and who is benefiting from it.

The series features interviews with the heads of several F1 racing teams, including Toto Wolff of Mercedes, Christian Horner of Red Bull and Guenther Steiner of Haas. It also delves into the strategy behind Formula 1’s expansion in the U.S., investigates the role of brand-name sponsors such as MoneyGram and looks at the future of the sport.

In episode one, correspondent Sara Eisen focuses on key players in the Formula 1 world, including team leaders and executives. She profiles their strategies and approaches to racing and discusses their plans for expansion into new markets. In episode two, Eisen shifts her attention to Formula 1’s iconic races and its strategic expansion plans. She explores how Formula 1 is adapting to changing consumer preferences and incorporating new technologies into its races. Additionally, she investigates the impact of brand-name sponsors on F1’s growth and success.

Formula One Academy is a new racing league that aims to promote gender diversity in motorsport by providing female drivers with opportunities to race at the highest level. The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix is also set to take place in November 2023 and promises to be F1’s most ambitious race yet.

Overall, this series offers a unique insight into one of the most exciting sports in the world today while exploring how it has evolved over time and where it may be heading next.

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