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Golfer Joost Luiten Faces Challenging Obstacle with Stuck Clubs on DP World Tour


Nov 20, 2023

Joost Luiten, a Dutch professional golfer, experienced an unusual and frustrating incident during the DP World Tour Championships in Dubai. After making a bogey on the golf course, Luiten threw his driver at a tree in anger, only to have it get stuck in the branches. In an attempt to retrieve the driver, he threw another club which also got caught in the tree. As a tournament official tried to dislodge the clubs with sticks, Luiten continued his efforts by launching a third club at the tree, resulting in the loss of yet another club.

Despite attempting to jump and hit the tree with a standard bearer’s sign, Luiten was ultimately unsuccessful in dislodging his clubs from the tree. He ended up playing the rest of the hole with only 11 clubs before a volunteer was able to rescue the lodged equipment. Despite this setback, Luiten finished the championship with a three-over-par score, placing third from the bottom.

Looking back on the experience, Luiten humoredly remarked, “That sums up my week nicely.” The incident added an unexpected twist to the golf tournament and provided both players and spectators with a moment of entertainment and surprise.

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