• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Grandson of the General: Pierre de Gaulle Looks to Acquire Russian Nationality


Nov 18, 2023

Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of the former French head of state and hero of the resistance against Nazi Germany, has openly declared his desire to obtain Russian nationality. He stated that Russia offered “great possibilities” for him and expressed his honor at the possibility of receiving Russian citizenship. De Gaulle made these statements on the sidelines of a cultural forum in St. Petersburg.

In addition to expressing his support for Russia’s fight for traditional values, family, spirituality, and criticizing the loss of these values in Western countries, de Gaulle has consistently voiced Kremlin-friendly rhetoric about the conflict in Ukraine. He argues that the West has “lost” in the conflict and calls for an end to the tragedy.

Pierre de Gaulle’s pro-Kremlin stance is particularly notable given that he is from the lineage of Charles de Gaulle, who maintained a balanced position between the United States and the USSR during the Cold War. However, this has led to his family dissociating from his positions, particularly due to his controversial statements regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

It is important to note that Pierre de Gaulle aligns himself with Vladimir Putin’s position which characterizes the Ukraine conflict as being orchestrated by the United States and NATO to weaken Moscow while also condemning how Putin is viewed by

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