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House Interim Jobs and Business Working Group Holds Meeting: Latest Updates, Sports News, and Job Opportunities


Nov 22, 2023

The Jobs & Business Working Group, chaired by Representatives Daniel Holt and Andrew Takuya Garrett, is set to meet on Tuesday, November 21st at 2 p.m. in Conference Room 329 at the Hawai’i State Capitol. The purpose of the meeting is to take public input on their draft report, which evaluates the Maui unemployment rate, approaches to restart business activity, and the impacts on tourism statewide. This aligns with House Rule 17 and House Resolution 224 (2023), which established interim House working groups tasked with assessing specific topics related to the Lahaina wildfire and making recommendations for appropriate legislative action.

The panel comprises Representatives Terez Amato, Trish La Chica, Rachele F. Lamosao, Scot Z. Matayoshi, Representative Dee Morikawa, Nadine K. Nakamura, Mark M. Nakashima, Sean Quinlan, and Gene Ward. The working group will meet via video conference and in person at the Hawai’i State Capitol. To access the meeting agenda and register to provide testimony online can be found at . The meeting will be streamed live on the House of Representatives’ YouTube Channel for those who are unable to attend in person or virtually may use free public Wi-Fi and computers available at state libraries during operating hours for limited internet access individuals

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