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Innovative Finnish Electric Fuel Trial in Tractor


Nov 21, 2023

On Tuesday, Nokia will conduct a test drive with a tractor equipped with a diesel engine, which will be refueled with electric fuel. The technology research center VTT says it will test electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide for the first time in vehicle use on Tuesday.

Electric fuels are made from carbon dioxide and water with the help of electrical energy, with hydrogen being an important intermediate product. Together with companies, VTT has developed the production of electric fuel for commercial applications and industrial scale.

The responsible leader of the project, research professor at VTT Juha Lehtonen, said in the announcement that the fuel can be used to replace fossil diesel fuel in areas that are difficult to electrify, such as heavy road traffic and shipping. In addition, it can be used in work machines. Next, they aim to get information about the usability of the fuel through a field test.

Hundreds of kilograms of synthetic hydrocarbons have been produced in the project for fuel production. After this, the hydrocarbons have been refined by Neste into ready-to-use synthetic diesel. Now this fuel is being tested in practical operation. The test is carried out at the factory of Agco Power, which manufactures diesel engines, in Nokia. A tractor equipped with a diesel engine is refueled with electric fuel during the test drive, which lasts several hours. During this time, various emissions in the exhaust gases and fuel consumption are measured by Kari Aaltonen, director of product development at Agco Power.

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