• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Investigating the Cause of Starship Rocket Explosion During SpaceX Flight


Nov 19, 2023

Space X launched its Starship rocket today for its second flight test, following a failed attempt in April. The spacecraft successfully separated from the booster, but contact was lost before it could reach orbit, leading to the detonation of the spacecraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation into the launch, which is a routine procedure when tests do not go as planned.

The Starship rocket is part of Space X’s ambitious plans to develop a spacecraft capable of sending astronauts to the Moon and even Mars. The company stated that “success comes from what we learn,” and that the data collected from today’s test will help improve the reliability of Starship.

Despite ending in failure, this second test was an improvement from the previous one, which ended in a huge explosion four minutes after launch. Following that explosion, thousands of pieces of debris were scattered around the launch site. The FAA had temporarily paused the program after the first test, but gave the green light for the second test last Wednesday.

NASA has expressed interest in Space X’s program and aims to use it for a new moon landing mission. With continued development and testing, Starship may become an integral part of humanity’s journey to explore beyond Earth’s boundaries.

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