• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Konecranes Secures Deal to Modernize Overhead Crane in Sweden


Nov 20, 2023

In the reactor hall of the Swedish Oskarshamn nuclear power plant, a bridge crane is currently in use. Konecranes, a lifting equipment company, has recently signed a contract to update this bridge crane with modernization components. The order for the contract was placed in the fourth quarter of 2023 and has a two-year schedule. During this time, Konecranes will design, manufacture, supply, and install the new components.

One of these components is a new 165-ton trolley lift, which will play a crucial role in ensuring that strict regulatory requirements are met during reactor maintenance and the removal of spent nuclear fuel transport tanks. This updated bridge crane will help maintain the safety and efficiency of the nuclear power plant while also meeting the latest industry standards.

Konecranes is known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing lifting equipment for various industries, including nuclear energy. With this contract, they continue to demonstrate their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for their clients’ needs. The Swedish Oskarshamn nuclear power plant is just one example of how Konecranes is helping to ensure safe and efficient operations in this critical sector.

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