• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Major Companies Suspend Advertising in X: A Significant Change in Corporate Strategy


Nov 18, 2023

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has recently been criticized for his anti-Semitic speeches, which has led several large companies to stop advertising on the messaging service X that he owns. Disney, Lionsgate, Paramount Global, and Apple have all halted their advertising on the service, and sources say that other organizations may follow suit. The uproar began when Musk made comments that were interpreted as reinforcing anti-Jewish notions on X, leading to backlash from the public and the White House Press Secretary.

In response to these accusations, Musk stated that X plans to sue Media Matters and others who participated in a “false attack” on the company. However, this move has only further fueled controversy surrounding his behavior. Despite facing accusations of anti-Semitism in the past, Musk took ownership of the messaging service X in late 2022 after changing its name from Twitter. This has caused concern for advertisers due to its potential incitement of hate speech.

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