• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Makarska Rugby Team Embarks on Tour to Sweden, Accompanied by Sinj Brothers Stipe and Ivan Brčić


Nov 17, 2023

The Croatian rugby team will be wrapping up the autumn cycle of the European Cup of Nations on Saturday in Makarska with a match against Sweden at 2:30 p.m. The game will be broadcast on MaxSport.

Coach Anthony Poša expressed his concern about the difficulties of playing two games in a row with the same lineup, as the players are amateurs and must take time off for personal reasons and holidays to represent their national team. Despite this, Poša made only one change to the list of 23 players, replacing injured Peter with Ivan Brčić. He predicted that the pitch could be just as challenging as it was against Ukraine and noted that Sweden would likely play in an English-style format with some new players compared to their previous match.

In their previous encounter in Stockholm, Sweden emerged victorious over Croatia with a score of 37-17. However, with 14 new players on board, Croatia is determined to avenge its loss. The Croatian team will consist of Daniel Mau’u, Martin Altamirano, Ilija Biškić, Marko Buljac, Dražen Brčić-Šušak, Marko Svaguša, Andrija Galić, Ivo Perić, Jason Newton, Nik Jurišić, Nikola Pavlović, Marko Grčić

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