• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Miami Local Sets Out to Explore All Countries on Global Expedition – NBC 6 South Florida


Nov 20, 2023

Luisa Yu, a 79-year-old resident from Miami, recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of traveling around the world. After visiting 193 countries, Serbia was her final destination this year. Born in the Philippines and moved to Miami over 50 years ago, Yu has always loved her new home and still does.

Yu’s love for travel began in her early 20s when she set out to explore the United States, traveling to nearly 45 states. Over the years, she has visited countless countries and met many people. Her friendships with people of all ages throughout her travels have earned her the affectionate nickname “Mama.”

At the request of many friends she made during her travels, Yu made her final trip to Serbia, where she was greeted with cheers and applause upon arrival at the airport. Although it’s difficult for her to choose a favorite country, Italy, the Philippines, and Thailand are among her top picks. Her advice to aspiring travelers is “Don’t be afraid, just go. Don’t wait for anybody because if you wait, it will never happen.”

Yu’s dedication to travel has been recognized with two awards in 2022 that have allowed her to fulfill her dream. She has been able to purchase a home and travel on her own terms. As she prepares to turn 80 in a few months, Yu feels content with what she has accomplished in life and expresses gratitude to those who have been kind to her along the way.

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