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Microsoft Hires Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman


Nov 21, 2023

Microsoft has announced the creation of a new advanced AI research team led by Sam Altman, who left OpenAI just 48 hours ago. The team will be responsible for pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) and will include other former executives and workers from OpenAI, including Greg Brockman.

Altman, who was the executive director at OpenAI and responsible for popularizing ChatGPT and leading the surge of interest in AI, has expressed his confidence in his ability to succeed at Microsoft. He will be joining the company as CEO of its new AI research laboratory.

The departure of Altman and other key executives from OpenAI has raised concerns among investors, employees, and the technology industry as a whole. While a former technology director was initially chosen to replace him, she ultimately decided to align with Altman and left her position vacant. Negotiations to reinstate him did not result in a return to OpenAI.

Microsoft’s decision to secure the talent of Altman and his team is significant as it could pose a risk for rival companies that compete in the same field. However, it also presents an opportunity for Microsoft to push the boundaries of AI and remain competitive in this rapidly evolving industry.

In addition to Microsoft’s efforts, there have been offers from other organizations, including the Government of France, which has extended a proposal to Altman and his team to help develop their capabilities in artificial intelligence. Despite the uncertain circumstances surrounding his departure from OpenAI, Altman remains a highly sought-after figure in the AI field, and his expertise could benefit many organizations around the world.

Overall, Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI has sparked interest from various organizations worldwide, highlighting how important it is for companies in this field to attract top talent. As he embarks on this new journey with Microsoft

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