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Pula Prepares for a Spectacle: Drosina’s Record Falls in Hajduk Match


Nov 21, 2023

In 2014, Istria and Rijeka faced off in the semi-finals of the Cup at Aldo Drosina, with a record attendance of 7,500 spectators. The Pula stadium had never seen such a crowd before, and no visiting Croatian team was able to break it until now. This Sunday, Hajduk from Split will arrive in Pula to take on Istria, and fans are eagerly anticipating the game.

The central western stand is already sold out, as is the southern part of the stadium where Hajduk fans will be seated. Only four tickets remain for the eastern stand, but they are likely to sell out by Sunday. The northern stand has the most seats left, with 1,246 tickets available. However, this number could decrease significantly by Sunday as well.

So far, 7,654 tickets have been sold for the game on Sunday, breaking the record set in 2014 by five days. Hajduk is currently leading the championship, while Istria has not conceded a goal in two consecutive games. The excitement around this match is palpable as both teams are eager to come out on top.

It’s been 497 days since Split last beat Istria on July 17th, 2022 in Pula with a score of 2-0. Goals were scored by Melnjak and Livaja during that game.

Overall, Sunday’s game between Hajduk and Istria promises to be an exciting match with plenty of tension in store for fans and players alike.

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