• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Revolutionary Technology Enables Fort Bliss Soldiers to Train Without Physical Presence on a Range


Nov 18, 2023

Soldiers at Fort Bliss are now using the “Warriors Skills Trainer” for virtual training, which has replaced real-world weapons and Humvees. The system focuses on crew-level tasks such as mounted machine-gun firing and offers an immersive training environment with high-stress virtual scenarios.

According to Dunkain Manning, an Army combat veteran and certified trainer, the “Warriors Skills Trainer” is a valuable tool for preparing soldiers for combat. It helps them hone their communication skills and gain expertise in all the weapons used in the system. The system features realistic sounds and recoil but does not fire real rounds. Additionally, it includes fight simulators and realistic shoot-don’t-shoot simulators that provide soldiers with a comprehensive training experience.

The Army believes that using this virtual training system reduces accidents by limiting field maneuvers and adding a layer of safety to the training process. Belknap states that it helps prevent accidents caused by heavy vehicles and other hazards during field training.

As someone who has experienced both traditional field training and virtual training, Belknap wishes that he had access to the “Warriors Skills Trainer” when he was training soldiers as a non-commissioned officer in the army. He believes that this system would have been an excellent way to prepare soldiers for combat while minimizing risks associated with traditional field training methods.

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