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Revolutionizing Business Operations: The Impact of Process Mining on Company Efficiency


Nov 18, 2023

Process mining, a technology that has gained popularity in recent years, is revolutionizing the way businesses analyze and improve their processes. Celonis, a leading provider of process mining solutions, has been using this technology to extract data from organizational information systems such as ERP and CRM software to provide a clear picture of what is happening in the business.

The use of process mining has transitioned from academia to become one of the most important technologies in the business world. By visualizing company processes and variations in real time, workers and managers can make better decisions. Celonis, which has been specializing in these solutions since 2011, now incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further enhance the potential of the data collected.

The platform not only allows users to visually see all the processes of their company but thanks to AI, it can detect and eliminate inefficiencies to achieve faster and more efficient operations. The ability to provide recommendations through generative AI is also a key advantage of Celonis’ process mining solutions.

Three particularly relevant aspects of this technology are highlighted by Celonis. This includes access to objective and fact-based information derived from real data, faster and more precise analysis of business processes, and the ability to work on existing systems without the need to replace equipment. Process mining enables a deep understanding of core business processes in order to identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

Recently, Celonis introduced Process Intelligence Graph which represents the future of process mining. This new tool offers a unified business representation independent of the system and supports intelligent data management. This signifies an important milestone for the future of the industry

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