• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Seeing with Eyes Wide Open: The Revolutionary Camera Technology Helping the Blind


Nov 18, 2023

Oren Geva, an inventor with a passion for making the world more accessible, has created a revolutionary device that allows visually impaired individuals to experience the world in a new way. The 2C3D camera converts visual data into tactile data, making it possible for users to touch what they are seeing without actually touching it. This small but powerful device features two lenses and a 3D screen that allows users to create and save photographs and videos, as well as read expressions through it.

The 2C3D camera is just one of many innovative creations aimed at making the world more accessible for individuals with unique needs. The company behind the camera emphasizes the importance of designing products that are intuitive, simple, and pleasant to use. The camera joins other innovative creations such as tablets with smart ink that translate websites into Braille and vibrating caps that aid blind swimmers.

The invention of the 2C3D camera offers visually impaired individuals the option to live and treasure experiences through the power of photography. It aims to make the world more accessible and inclusive for individuals with visual impairments and has won the 2018 Asia Design Award. With this device, visually impaired individuals can capture moments they might have missed before, creating lasting memories that will help them navigate their world in a new way.

Overall, Oren Geva’s creation is an excellent example of how innovation can be used to improve people’s lives. The 2C3D camera is just one of many devices being developed by companies around the world aiming to make our world more accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their abilities or limitations.

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