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Serbia: The Most Fearsome Opponent for England in the Group, Yet They Eager to Face Them


Nov 21, 2023

England faced North Macedonia last night, but the outcome of the match held no significance for them as they had already secured their spot in the European Championship months ago. They lost just four points throughout the qualifiers and are feeling confident heading into the tournament. As always, the English welcome big competition with great optimism.

Before the qualifiers end, English media outlets have been speculating about who they would like to face in their group at the Euro. SkySports has been particularly active in this regard, trying to determine the perfect group for England’s national team. While not everything has been decided yet, let’s take a look at some of the possible draws that could happen for England at the European Championship.

If England were to be placed in a group with Albania, Slovenia, and Serbia, it would likely be considered a dream scenario by many fans and pundits alike. These three teams are not currently ranked as highly as England on world football rankings and would provide an opportunity for them to dominate their group and potentially win all their matches.

However, there is one scenario that SkySports has identified that would be considered less than ideal: winning Denmark, Netherlands, and Croatia in their group. While these teams are all strong opponents, Croatia poses a particular challenge for England as they were in their group together at the last European Championship and famously beat them 1-0. If Croatia were to finish third in their current qualifying group (beating Armenia tonight) and go through additional qualifications before reaching Europe 2020, there is a possibility that they could end up finishing fourth in their respective groups after all is said and done. This could make things difficult for England as they attempt to secure a spot in the knockout stages of the tournament.

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