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Stanić Discusses His Time in Ukraine: Four Years of War


Nov 18, 2023

Mario Stanić, a former Croatian national team player who recently joined Shakhtar as an assistant coach, has faced many challenges throughout his life. Born in Sarajevo during a four-year war in his country, he understands the difficulties that people face in difficult circumstances.

As Shakhtar, the Ukrainian champions, struggle due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Stanić and head coach Marin Pušić led the team to a remarkable victory over Barcelona in the Champions League. Despite playing their home games in Hamburg, Germany, the team continues to face challenges.

In an interview with Ukrainian Tribuna, Stanić discussed his experiences at Shakhtar and emphasized the importance of flexibility and improvisation in difficult conditions. He believes that facing such challenges builds the mentality of a winner and helps football players grow.

Stanić also highlighted how Croats accept challenges due to their history and experiences, noting that life’s unpredictability means hardships can occur anywhere in the world. He emphasized that bravery, focus, and perseverance are crucial when facing difficulties and shape the mentality of a winner.

Overall, Stanić’s unique perspective on life’s struggles adds value to Shakhtar’s coaching staff as they navigate through challenging times both on and off the pitch.

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