• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Steelers Defender Cam Heyward Delivers Blunt Message to Critics: ‘I Don’t Care’


Nov 18, 2023

The Steelers are currently winning games, but their success is being criticized by many who believe they are frauds and their current style of play is unsustainable. Despite this, the Steelers are not deterred by the criticism and remain focused on one key statistic – points scored versus points allowed in each game.

In response to the criticism, defensive lineman Cam Heyward recently addressed the matter in his Not Just Football podcast. He challenged those who have questioned their success, saying “Who are they judging? They’re not in this. Smoke and mirrors? Screw you. We worked too hard for this. These guys dedicate their lives.” Heyward also had a specific message for LeBron James, dismissing his recent comparison of the Steelers to the Lakers.

Heyward emphasized that winning is what matters in football, and the notion of a “pretty” win is overrated. He stressed that the defense needs to dominate and make the right plays at the right time, while the offense should make plays accordingly. Looking ahead, the Steelers have upcoming games against backup quarterbacks, giving them a chance to continue their winning streak.

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