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Surge in Shoppers Causes Long Lines in Zagreb


Nov 18, 2023

ZAGREB – Today is the Day of Remembrance for the victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja, so many shops are closed. However, tomorrow is Sunday, which is also non-working for many shops, leading to big crowds in front of bakeries and shops that are open. A reader sent us some photos from the Zagreb bus station.

The crowds have been gathering there since morning, with everyone rushing to get groceries before the weekend starts. A man from Zagreb who lives near the station told us about his experience. He saw a married couple in front of him – she was waiting in line for the bakery, while he was waiting in line for the grocery store. This way, they could finish their shopping faster. The grocery store closes at 3 p.m., and more and more people come ‘at the last minute’. On the other hand, the bakery is open 24/7.

Overall, it seems like people are taking advantage of the few days off work to stock up on essentials and enjoy some sweet treats from their favorite bakeries.

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