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The Complex Conflicts in Israel: Territorial Division and the Rise of Hamas


Nov 21, 2023

A new development that has sparked interest in the region is the confrontation between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas, also known as “Islamic Movement of Support” in Arabic. On the evening of October 7th, 2021, a terror attack carried out by Hamas resulted in the death of over 1200 people, including women, children, and infants. The attack involved a great deal of cruelty, torture, and humiliation.

While some Muslim communities celebrated the violence, many were horrified by the actions of Hamas. The situation became even more complicated when news of the attack spread to Croatian media, which prompted many Hrvats to question their understanding of foreign political issues. Many Hrvats had never had the opportunity to evaluate these events critically before now. However, with this new information becoming public knowledge, it is clear that something terrible has taken place.

The history of Israel’s relationship with Palestine dates back thousands of years. Jews have historically considered Palestine their homeland and Jerusalem their capital city. Despite being conquered by various nations throughout history, Jews have always remained on this land. However, even after Emperor Hadrian renamed the area Palestina in 1948 to replace its biblical name as a Jewish homeland state did not exist until then there was no Palestinian nation or identity culture or language.

Jewish mass migration to Palestine began at the end of the 19th century as part of a broader Zionist movement aimed at creating a homeland for Jews outside Europe. Attracted by promises of better living conditions and opportunities for work and prosperity in Palestine were both new European Jewish immigrants seeking refuge from anti-Semitism and Arabs living nearby seeking employment opportunities or better living conditions themselves.

However tensions between Jewish settlers and Arab residents quickly escalated as Israeli settlers began displacing Palestinian families from their homes in an effort to create a Jewish majority in Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine. This led to further conflict between Israelis and Arabs over territory rights and forced displacement on both sides

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