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Uncertainty Looms for Sergio Massa and Javier Milei’s Economic Policies


Nov 18, 2023

The runoff between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei has sparked a great deal of uncertainty, with the outcome of the election and the subsequent presidency hanging in the balance. While some may see this as an opportunity to turn things around, others may view it as a daunting challenge.

One of the key concerns among business leaders is how Massa plans to approach Argentina’s economic challenges. Some worry that he may continue to follow his current path, which has led to a growing deficit and high inflation rates. On the other hand, Milei has proposed accelerating his plan for dollarization and lifting exchange controls, which could have a significant impact on the economy.

Despite these differences, both candidates will need to make important decisions from the outset in order to address Argentina’s challenging economic inheritance. This includes dealing with a negative net reserve position, an enormous inflationary legacy, and a widening exchange gap. Additionally, there are significant debt maturities in dollars coming up in the next six months that must be addressed.

In order to successfully navigate these challenges, it will be crucial for whichever candidate is elected president to work closely with experts and consultants like CEB in order to develop robust economic policies that balance key variables like inflation, debt repayment, and fiscal deficits. Ultimately, whoever takes office will need to prioritize addressing Argentina’s economic challenges in order to ensure long-term stability and growth for the country.

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