• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Vukovar’s Fall: How the Serbian Army Missed Out on Expanding Its Territory


Nov 18, 2023

Defense Minister Ivan Anušić spoke on Saturday during a column of memory, reflecting on the transformation of Vukovar from a tragic event in Croatian history to an inspiration and source of pride for the country’s people. Anušić emphasized the importance of recognizing the sacrifices made to achieve Croatian independence and urged unity and solidarity in fighting for the future of Croatia.

Anušić highlighted Vukovar’s role in allowing Croatia to arm itself, organize, gain allies, and ultimately defend itself against the Yugoslav army and Serbian volunteers. He stressed that Vukovar’s resistance halted further territorial losses and prevented a potentially more dire political situation for Croatia.

In conclusion, Anušić emphasized the significance of paying respects at Vukovar and learning from the unity and reverence demonstrated by those who visit the city without politicization. By honoring those who have fought for Croatian independence, we can continue to inspire future generations to unite in solidarity and work towards a brighter future for our country.

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