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DOE calls for a revamp of grid technology

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 17, 2024
DOE calls for a revamp of grid technology

The Department of Energy has issued a plea to the electricity industry, urging them to leverage existing commercial technology to help manage the chaotic shift towards clean energy and the increased power demand from data centers. The report titled “Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Innovative Grid Deployment” outlines the benefits of advanced technologies that can enhance transmission line capacity, replace aging power cables with more efficient wires, and provide grid operators with greater visibility and control over power flows.

According to the report by DOE, the deployment of technology could potentially increase grid capacity by 20 to 100 gigawatts during peak periods. This increase in grid capacity has become critical as the U.S. economy and technology companies require more power, particularly with the rising demand from data centers. President Joe Biden’s industrial and climate policies are also expected to drive a significant expansion in power demand into the 2030s, especially with the growing adoption of electric vehicles, and the establishment of factories for microchips, batteries, and clean energy sources connecting to the grid.

In 2023, nearly $90 billion was invested in transmission and distribution infrastructure, with only $6 billion allocated towards advanced grid solutions, according to DOE’s findings. This highlights the need for greater investment and implementation of advanced technologies to improve grid performance and meet the escalating demand for power in the coming years.

By Samantha Johnson

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