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One step closer to reality: A breakthrough in wireless power transmission for space solar power plant.

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
One step closer to reality: A breakthrough in wireless power transmission for space solar power plant.

British company Space Solar is at the forefront of developing transmission technology for a space solar power plant. The company has announced a breakthrough in wireless electricity transmission technology, which they believe is a significant development in the field. The company’s successful demonstration of a 360-degree wireless transmission system has shown that it is a feasible option for transmitting power in space.

The production and consumption of electricity in the grid must always be balanced. Solar and wind power production, which are dependent on weather conditions, require control power to manage fluctuations in production and consumption. As renewable energy production increases, the need for control power also rises.

The availability of sunlight around the clock in space has sparked excitement among scientists worldwide. Several projects are currently underway to research, develop, and test the technology required for solar power in space. Space Solar’s plans include a satellite with lightweight solar panels and mirrors that direct light towards the panels, with energy transferred to Earth by microwaves.

Different methods for wireless electricity transmission, involving electromagnetic radiation, are being considered for space solar power projects. Laser and microwave beams are among the options being explored. Space Solar’s CEO, Martin Soltau, has indicated that talks are ongoing with SpaceX for the use of their rockets for future missions.

Space Solar’s breakthrough technology, demonstrated by the Harrier system, allows for 360-degree wireless transmission without the need for separate moving parts. The technology was tested at the University of Belfast. This advancement opens up new possibilities for space-based solar power plants and has generated interest and excitement in the industry.

By Samantha Johnson

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